Line of Fire Gauntlet Precision Glove

Line of Fire Tactical


Line of Fire Gauntlet Precision Glove was developed in partnership with Dynamis Alliance. The Gauntlet precision glove was built for dexterity. 

Featuring lightweight materials and 4-way stretch finger gussets. The Gauntlet is the ideal glove for shooting.
  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • Impact Protection
  • Breathable
  • Pre-Curved Design
  • "Fits like a second skin!"

Dynamis Alliance partners with Line of Fire to create a new shooter glove. Durability, dexterity, and technology were top priorities in this design. The Gauntlet Precision Glove offers superior durability compared to other dextrous gloves. It features premium lightweight microsuede, water repellency and sweat absorption. With a next-to-skin feel, integrated touch screen technology and strategically reinforced high-wear sections for added durability the Gauntlet Precision Glove is setting a new standard.

Gauntlets were used by Crusaders to protect the warriors hands in battle. Although wars change, the principles remain the same. Warriors are still needing to EQUIP themselves with the best possible gear.

Over 10 years of discussion and design has gone into the product you now see. All of our experience, testing, and evaluation has culminated into the creation of this glove. The Gauntlet Precision Glove is now a critical piece of load-out gear for modern day warriors and guardians.

From recreational activities to operating in high threat environments the Gauntlet Precision Glove will give you the tactical advantage to CRUSH EVERYTHING!

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