What is the best Survival Gear & Equipment?

May 26, 2016

What is the best Survival Gear & Equipment?

At WarriorInc we have taken out the guess work and paid when it comes to choosing the best Survival Kit, Survival Gear and Survival Equipment. Here is some information to help you choose the right equipment and gear to survive.

Survival Gear & Equipment
At WarriorInc USA we have a wide selection of survival gear, tools and equipment that includes everything from emergency shelter to portable stoves, food bars and hiking gear to warmth supplies and radios. Our survival gear is made specifically for emergencies and will compliment any survival kit or hiking backpack. Most of our supplies are extremely versatile, so they can be used not only in survival scenarios, but also for everyday use or while you’re camping or hunting.

The term “survival gear” is one that evokes a lot of imagery simply because of its many meanings. Though a lot of everyday items can be classified as survival gear, on this page we will go over the supplies listed on our website that are specifically designed for emergencies. At the end of the day these items are all meant to make your life easier in a situation where things are anything but simple. The tools and items in the following few sections can play a major role in helping you make it out of an emergency situation with your life or at least in greater comfort.

Types of Survival Gear
There are many different types of survival gear which include things like water purification systems, multi-functional tools and emergency shelter. In most cases, the tools we are about to discuss are most appropriate for people who regularly camp, hike, or otherwise spend time in the wilderness where access to the outside world is limited. These items are also useful for those with a preparedness mindset who are stocking up on supplies for a natural disaster or other emergencies.

Emergency Shelter & Warmth
Some of the most basic survival gear is that which is aimed at keeping you sheltered from the elements. These supplies can help keep your body at a stable temperature and protect you from wind, rain or snow. Things like blankets and ponchos offer protection from the elements and will be useful in the event of an emergency. Of course, matches and other fire-starting tools will also be crucial in fending off the elements.

What’s more, matches capable of starting a fire can also be utilized to make light for during nighttime. Other tools such as axes, rope, knives, and tarps can also help you when it comes to crafting your own shelter from nature. Though you may not have a tent to call home, the aforementioned tools are able to be used to build your own shelter.

First Aid Supplies
Other supplies like first-aid kits can come in handy in almost any type of scenario, whether it be an emergency or just small everyday injuries. Whether you are around the house or adventuring through the wilderness, accidents can happen. Without a properly equipped first-aid kit, you run the risk of allowing smaller injuries and ailments to become much bigger problems. Our first aid kits include everything from anti-biotic ointments to bandaids and dressings.

Emergency Flashlights & Communication
Light and communication are two categories of survival gear that are almost always necessary. If you don’t have access to light (in one form or another) and you’re in the wilderness or without electricity, you’ll be left in complete darkness. This will make it hard for you to complete necessary tasks at night and in some scenarios. As far as communication is concerned, you can never be equipped enough. Whether it be radios, smoke signals, or any other method of communication, these are all vital to being spotted or rescued when things like cell phones and other devices are not available.

Emergency Fuel Sources
An Emergency Fuel Source is a flammable material that makes starting a fire much easier in a survival scenario (especially one where you are subjected to adverse weather conditions). The fuel sources offered at Living Rational can start fires through rain wind and snow, making them ideal to keep on hand for emergencies. Whether you need to start a fire to keep warm, signal for help, or simply to cook food, they are a luxury in many scenarios.

Outdoor Cooking Supplies
Having Outdoor Cooking Supplies can make heating and cooking food much easier when outdoors, or even in an emergency. These supplies include everything from propane stoves, to stainless steel cook sets, plates and more. Not only are these types of items ideal for emergencies, but they can also be used during camping and hiking trips.

Personal Hygiene Supplies
One often overlooked aspect of survival is maintaining sanitary conditions via Personal Hygiene Supplies. By keeping your hygiene up to par, you can help prevent disease and infection. These types of items are available in the form of individual hygiene supplies or complete hygiene kits. Complete kits include everything from deodorant to soap, toothpaste, washcloths and more. Individual supplies range from Solar Showers to Pocket Tissues and Toilet Paper.

Uses for Survival Gear
Now that you know a little more about what types of survival gear exists, you may be interested in what else they can be used for. Survival gear has seemingly endless uses in the event of an emergency. Whether you are victim of a natural disaster or find yourself stranded in the middle of the woods, survival gear can come in handy. In the event of a natural disaster, things like blankets, flashlights, and matches can all mean the difference between making it through an emergency comfortably or not.

Wilderness Survival
In nature, becoming stranded is an entirely different type of emergency because you are left by yourself with no access to the outside world. At this point, the survival gear you have equipped yourself with will play the role of your personal assistant, helping you survive whatever it is nature might throw your way. With matches to start a fire, an axe to split or chop wood, and tools to build shelter, survival gear can come in handy.

Even if you are a hiker that does not plan on getting into a survival scenario, much of the aforementioned survival gear can help make your life a bit easier. Matches make starting fires easier, flashlights can aid in finding firewood, and knives can help you prepare a fresh-caught meal. On top of it all, the survival gear we sell here at Living Rational is made so that it does not weigh you down or consume too much space in your hiking pack.

Buying Survival Gear
Here at WarriorInc, we aim to provide all necessary survival gear and equipment for you in one convenient place. Check out the Drop down on Categories "Survive". Whether it be gear for making shelter, communicating in an emergency, or providing light for yourself, we have all the gear you will need and more.

What’s more, we are constantly adding supplies as to make our selection even more expansive than it already is. We are true believers that there is no such thing as being fully prepared to make it out of a survival scenario, but with our products you can make your life a whole lot easier if you are ever presented with one of these unpredictable survival situations.

If at any time you have a question about one of the products in our Survive category, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You are also able to each out to us online via live chat or email for added convenience. We look forward to helping you and providing you with all your preparedness needs

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