Looking for Tactical Gear, Military Gear and Police Equipment?

August 09, 2016

Looking for Tactical Gear, Military Gear and Police Equipment? Then look no further Warrior Inc USA are a supplier of Outdoor, Tactical, Military and Police gear.

We Hold Inventory that is ready to pick, pack and ship to you

At Warrior Inc we hold stock, in fact you cant't buy it unless it is in stock. Thousands of products all ready to ship. It's what makes us different - We hold a massive amount of inventory. Besides holding stock we have invested heavily in our state of the art inventory management system, that also monitors inventory and sales and determines what stock levels we should keep, it also automatically orders products from Suppliers when stock levels are low, so we maintain Par stock levels. Why have we invested heavily in our Inventory Management System? Because of you. We want to make sure we offer you exceptional service and on time delivery.

Leading Brands in the Tactical, Outdoor, Military and Law Enforcement market

So it's not enough to hold stock, you have to hold stock of quality, tried and tested products, that wont fail you when you need them most. Gear that is reliable. Our lAw Enforcement, Military and Outdoor background we thrive on testing gear. Everything we sell we have used, abused, tried to break and put it through its paces. We make sure we only stock the best brands in the business. 

Best Price Guarantee and Member Discounts

We also understand that it's not enough to offer great products, exceptional service and on time delivery, we have to be competitive and give people great prices. We strive to offer you the best price. If you see it advertised some where else cheaper get in touch with us, we will pull out all stops to beat the price and do something special for you.  

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