“Why You Should Serve” – Career Advice from Professionals

July 31, 2016

Career Advice from Professionals

Deciding to enter the academy (fire, police or EMS) is no easy decision. Joining the department can be intimidating. Newbies can learn a lot from those who have came before them. We tried to gather a few career tips from those who currently serve their communities, including some of our ambassadors, and members of Team SIG, in hopes to help those entering the life of service. Enjoy and good luck.


Don’t lose sight of the objective of serving and protecting your community with all the negative main stream media it’s still a rewarding career.
– Retired Lt of Police Dennis Carroll


I would suggest to anyone considering a first responder profession that you have to have balance! Remember to take care of yourself otherwise you could potentially have a very short career. You have to be mindful of being disciplined with your nutrition and fitness as well as mental health. Ensuring that balance will also contribute to maintaining your relationships away from the workplace. Although its important to make it to retirement, you need to have outside interests and a positive lifestyle outside of the job.
Sergeant Macias


Service is definitely not for everyone and that is ok. For those who are interested and qualify, there are many reasons to serve.  Regardless of which branch you select, service offers you leadership and management skills, educational opportunities, professional development, and a pride of belonging that you can not find easily. These are just some of the traits and benefits that make so many service members successful.
– Gunnery Sergeant, Wilder Louis


Do it, you will never want to do anything else. You will learn so much.
-Newport Beach Lifeguard, Justin Skaggs


I would recommend that anyone considering a career in law enforcement should thoroughly research the job.  Becoming a police officer is not an easy task.  It’s takes a considerable amount of dedication and commitment.  They should know what the expectations are, what the risk are, and what the benefits are before they jump in head first.   A good way to do this is to establish a mentor/protégé relationship with someone that is already involved with law enforcement – someone that will be honest about what the real challenges, stresses, and demands of the job are.   That same mentor should be there for support as one begins his or her journey in law enforcement as a first responder.

-Sergeant Aaron Perkins


Be willing to either go all in or choose an easier career path.
Police Cpl.  Rick Torres


Try things out. Understand what the day to day or month to month experience is. If it doesn’t grab you, drive you, become a part of you, you aren’t going to bring your very best to the situations to which you are called. And that’s why you’re invited – you’re invited to directly impact someone’s life.
SAR Operational Leader and K9 Handler, Daniel Lampignan

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